Ashrams and Dharamshala in Haridwar

Haridwar is also known as a place of Dharamshala’s. There are roughly more than 300 Ashrams and Dharamshalas in Haridwar which can accommodate more than 20000 pilgrims during Kumbh, Ardh Kumbha and other important occasion in Haridwar. This Ashrams and Dharamshala’s provide basic facilities and in return they charge very nominal fees. Here are details of some of them:-

Hari Sharanam Satsanga Bhavan, Ananda Van, Haripur Kalan

Sri Bhrama Nivas Ashram, Sapta Sarover Marg

Vivek Niketan, Ananda Van, Sapta Sarover

Sri Sadhu Guru Kabir Gurukul Ashram, Sapta Sarover

Sri Madhwashram, Haripur Kalan, Sapta Sarover

Soham Ashram, Bhupatwal

Yogananda Yogashram, Sapta Sarover, Ananda Van

Umeshwar Dham, Sapta Sarover Marg

Parmarth Ashram, Sukhdevananda Trust, Sapta Sarover

Jai Maa Ashram, Motichoor

Shivananda Ashram, Sapta Sarover Marg

Siddeshwar Mahadev mandir, Jigyasu Ashram, Sapta Sarover Marg

Mataji’s Ashrams in Haridwar

These ashrams are exclusively for womens in Haridwar. Herer are details of some of them:-

Janki Mai Ashram ,Bhima Goda

Radha Mai Ashram ,Bhima Goda

Sita Mai Ashram ,Bhima Goda

Mira Krishna Kunj ,Bhima Goda

Lalita Yoga Ashram ,Bhima Goda

Navajyoti Ashram ,Bhima Goda

Anandamai Maa, Daksha Prajapati, Kankhal

Tripura Yoga Ashram, Kankhal

Basanti Ashram, Kankhal

Santoshi Ashram, Kankhal

Mahila Milan Mandir, Kankhal

Parvati Ashram, Kankhal

Balabharti Ashram, Kankhal

Bhuma Shakti Peeth, Sanyas Marg, Kankhal

Gita Bharti, Kankhal

Santoshi Maa Ashram ,Shravana Nath Nagar

Ashram – Radha Mai Ashram ,Shravana Nath Nagar


18 thoughts on “Ashrams and Dharamshala in Haridwar

  1. || Hare krishna ||
    i am 63 years old, i want to stay in ashram from march to April end during kumbhmela. me for reservation.
    Hare krishna

  2. || Hare krishna ||

    i am 63 years old, i want to stay in ashram from march to end of this month during kumbhmela. me for reservation and phone numbers details.
    Hare krishna

    Reply Me as soon as possible.

    • You can write directly to the Ashrams, but I doubt whether any accomodation is left thereat as there is quite a huge rush during March. wish you good luck during your stay at Kumbh.

  3. sir

    i want accommodation 11/04/2010 night to 15/04/10 morning 5.00am for 8 person & 3 childs pls give procedure & guidelines pls help us

  4. Sir,

    We 8 peoples as planned to visit Hairdwar and Rishikiesh,
    so, we want to stay two days in Ashram. can any one guide



  5. Dear,
    Sir / Madam
    kindly request u tht we want to know we want to stay in Haridwar ashram for 2 days can u any guid us n how could we contact in ashram
    we r planning to come in moth of oct. pls help us wch ashram is good for us.

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